King's Chapel of Norwich, CT, Visitor Comments

"I am sad to say that much of what has been written about King's Chapel now Peniel and Bethel church in England is true. I have seen and experienced first hand the damage that has been done. This damage has been done not only to those mentioned in your stories, but to others as well as myself. I have first hand knowledge of the way things were done. I have since left that church and am well aware of the lives that have been damaged."

"A former member recently heard that the name was changed to 'Penuel,' and that Kevin Hamel is now the main pastor, John Monahan and Sam Wibberley are both out, though not out of the church altogether."

"I have to apologize for once asking you to take articles off of your site concerning King's Chapel. I'm very glad that you didn't listen to my complaint. The truth is after a lot of thought, I left King's Chapel and am now in counseling. I'm honestly happier then ever now on my own."

"Thank you so much for posting that information on your site about kings chapel in Connecticut. I was involved from the age of 13 till 24. at which time I was excommunicated and thrown out for being gay. It has bought me some resolution after all these years to see others of my friends and family have gotten out."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great website. As a former member of King's Chapel in Norwich , CT, I am grateful for people who are willing to help put the word out about cults and abusive churches. As we seek to rebuild our broken lives, access to information and support is key and your website provides both, thank you."

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