Hare Krishna Visitor Comments

"I myself got sucked into the whole Krishna Consciousness movement when I was 17 to 22 and it did effect my life negatively in many ways. However, overall I think that it did allow me to tackle some issues and problems I was facing, like stopping drugs, doing stupid things, etc. However, sure enough like most cults I felt that I had to give up my family, friends and all my previous thoughts and activities to ever really make it with them. This didn't become apparent until I moved into a temple and then moved out the next day. I don't really believe that all of the people there had bad intentions, but it is always risky when you give your life and thoughts over to another person. So I advise anyone thinking of joining, that you can still appreciate some of the philosophy (which can be beautiful) without having to adopt the dogmatic and ritualistic practices of their lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with being healthy in mind, body and spirit, but you should not have to renounce your family and friends to live in isolation under the command of some stranger Guru. I guess the ultimate lesson is to live your own life, you'll love it much more."

"I escaped from the Krishnas [ISKCON] 20 years ago. Krishna devotees seem to believe that their 'Spiritual Master's' word transcends Karma and morality. 'Spiritual Masters' are supposedly 'one with the will of Krishna'--thus their will and actions are somehow always perfect. These 'Spiritual Masters' appear to be above the 'regulative principles' of the group and devotees often think that this is 'the will of Krishna' without giving it a second thought. Krishna members see regular people as 'Karmis,' which means non-devotee and essentially a lower human. But ironically, Krishna members will often dress up like 'Karmis' to solicit money. The day before I escaped I passed by a window in their Los Angeles compound and heard somebody being worked over. I don't mean verbally--they were getting beaten up. The next day I pretended to be ill and said I had to get medicine. A friend picked me up and I never went back. I think the Krishnas [ISKCON] are probably one of the most dangerous groups around. It is good that there are people like you out there helping and educating people about the dangers of cults and their tactics of mind control, nutritional deprivation and breaking people down. Cults offer phony reassurance in exchange for conformity and programmed behavior."

"Thank you for your website--it's great, just great! I [was] looking for some information about ISKCON/Krishna. After searching for three hours, I finally found your site--it was worth the effort. What you do is great and I think it's necessary. I hope [your information] will be read by as many people as possible."

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