Cult death student's family in court fight for new inquest

Mail, UK/November 2, 2008

The family of a student who died from head wounds after being lured to Germany by an extreme Right-wing sect will this week present fresh evidence about his death to the High Court in a bid to obtain a new inquest.

A perfunctory investigation by police in Wiesbaden claimed Jeremiah Duggan, 22, killed himself by running on to a highway where he was hit by two cars.

The new evidence includes reports by three top crash investigators who say that damage sustained by the vehicles could not have been caused by hitting him and appears to have been inflicted deliberately.

New medical reports add that his injuries were not consistent with being run over, suggesting that Jeremiah, from Golders Green, North London, was savagely beaten. Fifty minutes before his body was found at 6.10am on March, 27, 2003, he had phoned his mother, Erica, saying he was in 'deep trouble'.

She said yesterday he 'sounded terrified' and before he could tell her where he was the line went dead.

Jeremiah, who had been enjoying life as a student at the Sorbonne in Paris with his 23-year-old French girlfriend Maya, was lured to Wiesbaden for a conference against the Iraq invasion by the Schiller Institute, unaware that it is an offshoot of the extremist sect led by the convicted American fraudster Lyndon LaRouche.

Jeremiah, who was Jewish, knew nothing of its record of anti-Semitism.

The local police investigation into his death was bizarre. The drivers of the two cars that supposedly hit Jeremiah were allowed to leave the scene before the investigating officer arrived.

Jeremiah's address book was found in his pocket, soaked in his blood. Yet his passport - whose pages were also bloodstained - was handed to the police hours later by Ortrum Kramer, a LaRouche leader.

Kramer and her colleagues, who say they had nothing to do with his death and had no contact with his body, have never been asked how the passport came into their possession.

At the inquest in November 2003, London coroner William Dolman delivered a 'narrative verdict', stating Jeremiah ran into the path of the cars while in a 'state of terror'. Family lawyers will argue this week that the coroner failed to conduct a proper inquiry.

Mrs Duggan, 62, who began a five-year campaign raising funds to commission experts, has evidence from a former Met forensic examiner. He says the death was 'extremely suspicious and not a road-traffic accident'.

The LaRouche organisation says Mrs Duggan's campaign is inspired by US Vice-President Dick Cheney in order to discredit them.

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