Throw the book back at them

Sunday Mail/September 16, 2001
By Terry Sweetman

Scam-master and fear-monger Lyndon LaRouche knows the truth about the United States terrorist attacks, according to his e-mail propagandists.

The fact is that LaRouche wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on his well-fed bum.

While his countrymen mourn, LaRouche is making hay by claiming the attacks were "a domestic, covert, special operation, by people with very high-grade military special-operations backgrounds."

Why? "To create a simulated Pearl Harbor effect to get the United States to go to war against nations in the Middle East.''

Normally you don't care what the lunatic fringe in the US says, except it has a local offshoot in the Citizens' Electoral Council.

And you probably wouldn't care about the CEC, except it is about to use our libraries to push its loopy propaganda.

This week, it claims, it will launch its latest loony tune, a book called "What Australia Must Do to Survive the Depression," at various venues, includes public libraries at Chermside in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Ipswich.

If someone has given the nod to these great literary occasions, maybe they should look more closely at the CEC.

Censorship normally is abhorrent, but would we use our libraries to launch, say, "The Collected Thoughts of Osama bin Laden"?

Get real and lock the doors against these clowns.

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