E-mail excerpts

Oregonian/April 23, 2006

These are excerpts from e-mail provided by [Mr. and Mrs. M.] They include messages sent to the parents from Living Love Fellowship members as well as messages that appear to be from Living Love Fellowship members to their daughter, [D. M.] The parents said they found the e-mail to their daughter in her room after she went to Oregon.

May 2004 e-mail to [Mr. M.] from Amadon via Sara Schorske-Donna, addressing the issue of sexual recruitment by Living Love Fellowship members, which Amadon says, "has no appeal here."

"No, we are not anti-sexual people cast in the puritanical religious mold. We think sex can be good, even spiritual. But the truth is, anyone who would join this place for sex would get along with NONE of us. Whatever their fantasy was, they would be sorely disappointed. We've got larger interests.

"As for myself, I have reached the stage in my life where love, understanding, and companionship are my primary interests in relationship. If that could dissuade [D. M.], then I guess it would have, because [D. M.] knows it. Anyhow, in my mind and experience, sex-based relationship is a terribly insecure invention. I see [D. M.] as a mission helper and life companion, not a bauble."

June 2004 e-mail from Schorske-Donna to [D. M.] :

"Amadon wants you to take any money you would spend on gifts for him and use it for your defense (for Internet access time, printing, photocopying, etc.). Also we have started a [D. M.] Fund' here (people are setting aside part of their spending money for your use and transportation expenses). We can wire you bits of money (not enough to raise any concerns in your family about 'where did she get that kind of money???' but enough to keep your research and other needs afloat). If you can tell us where to send it (a place where you can go and get it yourself) we will coordinate with you to wire it while you wait, or in a manner in which you are guaranteed to be able to get it."

In a separate e-mail encouraging [D. M.] to learn her legal rights, Schorske-Donna closes with:

"If anyone asks you if you were coached to do this research you can honestly say, 'Yes, they sent me a few links about human rights information. It is a common problem faced by all new religious movements and small religious organizations that the popular 'cult' phobia makes them and their members subject to unfair criticism and persecution. Therefore, it is a matter of reasonable interest to them to understand human rights law that protect religious freedom, and to provide that kind of information to people in my position.' "

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