All The Emperor's Men

By Garry A. Greenwood

This is the true story of Garry Greenwood's seventeen years experience as a member of the Japanese religious cult, Mahikari. For most of those years Garry was a high ranking minister/official within the cult and whose diocese included Australia and nine adjacent countries. In time, Garry became second in command of this huge area and was responsible for the spiritual welfare of many thousands of members. This necessitated in Garry having to travel extensively throughout Australia, Japan and South East Asia, that is, from the deep and dark jungles of Borneo, where he lived for almost a year, to the sophisticated cities of Singapore, Manilla and Kuala Lumpur.

Like many people, Garry's initial reason for becoming a member was to help make the world a better place. This innocent concern led to his gradual seduction and initiation into the cult, which promised to do just that.

The cult centres around a Japanese man, Yoshikazu Okada, who, in 1959 claims to have received a series of divine revelations as well as being bequeathed with a mysterious power to heal and to be able to pass this same ability on to his followers. This `unique' spiritual healing method was almost always accompanied by amazing involuntary body movements in the persons receiving the healing. These strange movements consisted of such things as violent contortions of the body, crying, laughing and speaking in strange languages and are much akin to what occurs in the various Pentecostal Churches throughout the Christian world.

This phenomena, combined with the new and refreshing teachings or revelations originating from an exotic oriental country such as Japan, has resulted in phenomenal growth of Mahikari throughout the world. There are between one and two million members globally and about 1/3 of them are non Japanese like Garry. Membership is growing rapidly and almost every country on earth has at least one Mahikari centre. For example, Australia has around two thousand active members and ten centres.

Mahikari youth members
from around the world
marching in Japan.

Because of Garry's position in the cult, the reader is taken deep into a mysterious world of Gods, spirits, ritual and global conspiracies. A central theme of Mahikari is the establishment of a global theocracy and the construction of a huge temple in central Japan. According to their teachings, this temple is actually the reconstruction of King Solomon's temple constructed by him and the Jews thousands of years ago as commanded by God.

As is recorded in the Bible, the Jews of that time eventually neglected the proper worship of God in the temple and it was subsequently plundered and destroyed. The Jews had turned away from God and instead pursued materialism. This turning away from God by his `chosen people' invoked His wrath and members are taught how this resulted in their persecution in the second World War by the nazis.

The Sukyo Mahikari Main World Shrine

The Sukyo Mahikari
main world shrine

According to the Mahikari revelations, Yoshikazu Okada has been chosen by God to reconstruct the temple, thereby establishing a possibility for the human race to be saved, with the help of God's `chosen people,' namely Mahikari members. In 1984 this enormous project was completed at a cost of many hundreds of millions of dollars. It's completion was meant to herald a new era in world peace and the dawn of a new holy civilisation centring upon the temple as well as affording greater protection for all Mahikari members. There is a Star of David emblazoned on the temple roof.

After about twelve years of full time dedication, Garry begins to question the divine protection afforded members particularly after a car load of five of the most promising young members were tragically killed whilst returning home after attending a Mahikari centre in Canberra. Garry had to help the police identify the five shattered bodies. Even more tragic was the fact that this was the second such event of it's kind, as three other members were killed in the same way some years earlier.

By now, fear and guilt had become the life blood of the organisation, and everybody saw these and other events as God's judgment for their slackness or lack of efforts in constructing the new holy civilisation.

Yoshikazu Okada passed away before he was able to complete the temple, so his only adopted daughter, Keishu, succeeded him in his mission. Garry met her on several occasions in Japan and she asked him and a few other senior members to establish an escape route for her as it seemed that God's day of judgment was imminent. This escape route included the purchase of a large tract of land in a remote part of northern New South Wales, Australia, where Keishu and a few of her top aids could re-establish themselves if need be.

Keishu was so impressed with Garry's achievements that he was invited to undertake a special four months training program at her elite training school located near the Japan Alps in central Japan.

Garry Greenwood
during a Mahikari
Training Program

Keishu's special training
school in central Japan.

Here Garry learnt all about the art of conjuring up spirits, was taken to the actual site of Jesus Christ's grave and saw photos of the contents of the Ark Of The Covenant, namely the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. He learnt how these tablets are now the property of the Emperor of Japan. He also studied a curious Jewish plot for world supremacy.

Wendy and Garry Greenwood on the Mahikari pilgrimage to Jesus Tomb Site in JapanDetail on Jesus Christ's Tomb. After escaping the crucifixion, Jesus returned to Japan where he married and died at the ripe old age of one hundred and six, or so the story goes.

Even though all of Garry's thoughts and deeds were motivated by fear and guilt, eventually he found much of what he had learnt and experienced simply too much to bare, so one day he gathered his family and drove away and more or less disappeared.

Some years later an old Mahikari friend presented him with some teachings of a certain organisation which were identical to those of Yoshikazu Okada's and yet which pre-dated them by one or two decades. Intrigued by their similarity, Garry and two friends embark upon their own voyage of discovery which was to take him back to Japan. In June 1994, Garry and his friends eventually trace the source of the similar, yet earlier revelations to a certain, Mokichi Okada, (now deceased) a noted poet, artist and philosopher. (Okada is a common name in Japan). After interviewing several of Mokichi Okada's old friends and ministers, it becomes clear that Yoshikazu Okada had been a minister in Mokichi Okada's own organisation (Sekai Kyusei Kyo or Church Of World Messianity), but had been sacked for allegedly sexually assaulting a female member of the congregation. These old ministers and friends supplied Garry with anecdotal, documentary and photographic proof of Yoshikazu Okada's ministerial role etc.

Yoshikazu Okada (1) is standing in the back row fourth from the left. This photo was taken in 1949 and all are Sekai Kyusei Kyo Ministers, many of whom are still alive and able to recount the true facts.

Yoshikazu Okada (1) is standing in the back row fourth from the left. This photo was taken in 1949 and all are Sekai Kyusei Kyo Ministers, many of whom are still alive and able to recount the true facts.

They also alleged that Keishu was not his adopted daughter but his concubine and how she wasn't even the legitimate successor as the spiritual leader of Mahikari. This had legally gone to a Mr Sekiguchi, and Keishu had simply created a splinter group upon the death of Yoshikazu Okada.

The Other Main World Shrine!

Sukyo Mahikari World Shrine in Takayama

To Garry's horror he was shown a photograph of Mr Sekiguchi's Mahikari faction's own enormous golden temple. In other words there now exist two such temples. Mr Sekiguchi's boasts the world's first all solid gold altar weighing several tons and stands 9.4 metres/30.8 ft in height.

As the phobias of fear and guilt quickly fall away upon discovering the divine deceit, Garry is at last able to study the whole subject objectively for the first time. Firstly he researches the similarity between Japan's and Germany's quest for world supremacy in the late 30's and discovers that the notions and practices of the nazi party were similar to those of the officers of Japan's Imperial army. To Garry's amazement he learns that his once beloved guru was a high ranking military officer involved in the `Rape Of Nanking', whereby after Nanking, China, surrendered these Japanese officers systematically tortured then executed 200,000 surrendered troops and civilians and raped 20,000 women.

Intrigued by Adolf Hitler's anti Jewish sentiments, Garry learns that Hitler drew much of his hatred for the Jews from the notorious anti semitic manuscript, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", which are purported to be the minutes and proceedings recorded at a world congress of Jewry in 1897 at which the Jews are supposed to have created their blueprint for world supremacy. Garry obtains a copy of the `Protocols' and to his horror discovers that some of the contents of the `Protocols' were what he and other advanced members had studied at Keishu's special training school in Japan and at other high level seminars. A central aspect of the abominable plot embodied within the `Protocols,' is the repetitive mention of a character who will rise up in a degenerate world and obtain world supremacy using the Star of David as his symbol as bequeathed by God. He will be assisted in his quest by the `chosen people.'

It now becomes clear that Yoshikazu Okada fantasises over this role and has anointed himself as the main character, the new King of the World, described in the Protocols.' The Star of David is the Sukyo Mahikari symbol and is emblazoned upon their temple and his memorial tombstone which itself is a forty five metres high, five tiered pyramid!

There is a Star of David emblazoned upon the top and again on each tier.

More disturbingly, the `Protocols' which the cult has distilled as an integral component of it's blueprint for a global `theocracy?' details the practice of mind control, suppression of past unpleasant history, the creation of trade wars and the accumulation of gold. Garry's research into other Japanese cults reveals that the Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinri kyo) also appears to be drawing inspiration from the `Protocols.' The last paragraph of Protocolno.9 describes the plan to cause great havoc with governments by blowing up subways or killing subway users!

Since Yoshikazu Okada was once a high ranking military officer, a student of the `Protocols,' a military school instructor, a personal friend of Emperor Hirohito's brother and several Japanese Prime Ministers and the like, the reader will be alarmed to learn that the Mahikari organisation is in fact, openly promoting much of the same idealism as that of Adolf Hitler, whilst hiding behind the popular and wholesome `new age' philosophy of Mokichi Okada. The reader will also learn how the `Protocols' were not only studied by Yoshikazu Okada and members of the German nazi party but most likely by many other officers of the Japanese Imperial Army, the remnants of which remain the power brokers behind much of Japanese politics.

The Japanese Government gives much open support to Mahikari and at each annual anniversary ceremony the Prime Minister at the time, always sends along one of his colleagues as his representative. This representative is only one amongst hundreds of other LDP politicians (the governing party) in attendance. "I first met Okada (Mahikari) about ten years ago...When I learnt that he had a plan to establish the foundation for a new civilisation, I felt great respect for him, and I have been watching him in his role of Great Teacher for ten years ... his ideas have found support not only in Japan but throughout the world ... From this point of view, the sight of Okada working for the establishment of a new civilisation is awe-inspiring. "Takeo Fukuda, Prime Minister of Japan 1976-78. (Daiseishu. Sukyo Mahikari).

In 1990, the new Emperor, Akihito, was enthroned and in spite of their 1946 constitution drawn up by General Mac Arthur which prohibits the Emperor from once again assuming `Divine Status, ' a condition of their surrender, he has done just that. In other words, the world's largest and most powerful religious cult, state Shintoism, has once again regained it's object of worship and is re-establishing it's `flock'.

The reader will learn how possibly the world's largest and most powerful religious cult is being greatly influenced by such groups as Mahikari, which draw inspiration from the `Protocols" and how this influence will soon begin impacting upon the global political and economic arena.

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