Mahikari/Sukyo Mahikari Visitor Comments

"Yesterday a friend took me to a London Branch of the Sukyo Mahikari; I knew nothing about them at all and simply went along to appease my friend, but was not at all impressed. There was no real welcome and no attempt to explain what they were all about. I was told that I would be given 'light' and it was made quite plain before this happened that I was to give money. The director of the branch of the sect gave me 'light' and at the same time carried on several conversations with others who passed through the room about phoning the local council concerning a noise problem and plans for the coming weekend, all the time I was supposed to be receiving 'light.' At the end of this I was asked to put money in an envelope with my name on it and place it in a box situated under the wooden altar. It was a thoroughly seedy experience and one that I would not recommend to anyone."

Copyright © Rick Ross

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