A look at key figures in the Tate-LaBiannca murders 30 years ago

The Associated Press/August 8, 1999

A look at key figures in the Charles Manson cult:

  • Charles Manson, 64, incarcerated in protective housing unit at Corcoran State Prison, receives more mail than any prisoner in the United States.
  • Susan Atkins, 51, held at California Institution for Women at Frontera, recently married a Harvard law school graduate, her second marriage since she went to prison. Next parole hearing in 2000.
  • Patricia Krenwinkel, 51, imprisoned at California Institution for Women at Frontera. Chose not to appear at last parole hearing in 1997. Next hearing in 2002.
  • Leslie Van Houten, 49, a prisoner at the California Institution for Women at Frontera, considered the most likely to win parole. Last parole hearing was delayed after she complained about her case being covered on Web sites for profit.
  • Charles "Tex" Watson, 54, recently moved to Mule Creek State Prison in Northern California, became a minister in prison and fathered four children. Wife and family live near the prison where she operates their Web site.
  • Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, 51, convicted of attempting to assassinate President Gerald L. Ford and sentenced to life in prison. She is a federal prisoner at Carswell, Tex.
  • Sandra Good, 55, convicted of conspiracy to mail threatening letters in 1976, served time in federal prison and was released. She moved to Hanford, Calif., near the prison where Manson is housed. She is forbidden to visit him but maintains his Web site.

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