Officials 'deny Spector Manson claims'

Digital Spy/August 4 2009

Prison officials have denied reports that Charles Manson successfully passed a note to music producer Phil Spector in prison.

Spector's wife and publicist has claimed that the former cult leader sent him a message at the Cocoran State Prison in California, where both men were said to be serving sentences for murder.

However, California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton said that the story was untrue and that Spector was housed in the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, two miles from the Corcoran institution, ABC News 20/20 reports.

Thornton said: "It would be impossible for Manson to pass a note to an inmate in the other prison."

She added that an investigation showed that no employee had passed a message to Spector and that it was likely that "an inmate made the note".

Regarding Manson's alleged wish to collaborate with Spector, Thornton said: "You're welcome to write Manson a letter and ask him that question yourself."

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