Valentine Michael Manson, Son of Infamous Cult Leader Charles Manson

GQ/February 8, 2024

Since his childhood, Valentine Michael Manson has been in the limelight because of his family’s heinous crimes. Being in the spotlight can be overwhelming; however, being in the spotlight for negative things is a whole new experience.

Valentine Mason is the son of Charles Manson, a notorious American cult leader. Several grave crimes of the late 1960s were committed by this cult. However, Valentine decided to live his own life, away from the horror and dirt associated with his family, by adopting the name Michael Brunner.

Michael Brunner, formerly known as Valentine Michael Mason, was born on the 15th of April, 1968, in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles. His father, Charles Manson, was a notorious cult leader, while his mother, Mary Brunner, was a member of this cult.

As a kid, Mason grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his maternal grandparents, Evelyn Brunner and John Brunner, as his guardians. In an attempt to keep him out of his family’s drama, his grandparents changed his name to Brunner before he turned 9. He was also nicknamed “Pooh Bear” and “Sunstone Hawk.”

Michael Mason didn’t have a traditional childhood. When he was just 14 months old, his mother was incarcerated at Sybil Brand Institute for Women in Los Angeles County. To shield him from potential bullying or harassment, his grandparents kept him in the dark about his parents’ gruesome activities.

Mason attended Arlington Heights Elementary School. He remained oblivious to his parents’ actions until a classmate passed him a note that revealed his father’s involvement in crime. Later in high school, Mason’s friend, who had an interest in cults, provided him with details about his family.

Despite his grandparents’ efforts to keep him away from the news of the disaster that followed his surname, Michael could not be totally shielded from this life. His parents’ crimes were an object of interest for media houses, so they were widely covered.

Valentine Michael has managed to live a life out of the spotlight despite the type of family he was born into. He specifically stated in interviews that he does not want his personal life in the public eye. Little is known about his professional life. However, according to his last interview with the Los Angeles Times, Valentine served in the force in the 1860s. He also mentioned something about being self-employed in Germany.

He has not declared his wealth yet. However, media outlets have stated that his alleged net worth is $100k. This figure is not verifiable and therefore not reliable.

Michael’s father, Charles, was born on November 12, 1934, in Ohio. He led a notoriously troubled life that frequently led to jail. Following his release from prison, he struggled to secure employment in San Francisco, California, leading him to resort to begging. It was during this period that he encountered Mary Brunner, a library assistant, whom he managed to charm, and the two eventually began a romantic relationship.

Manson formed a cult known as the Manson Family, a group of followers who carried out a series of brutal murders under his direction. He presented himself as a self-serving, charismatic individual who paraded as a reincarnated Christ. He often used sex to gain new followers for his cult.

Subsequently, members of the Manson family were arrested for the murder of a music instructor, Hinman. It was reported that Hinman’s death was orchestrated by Manson due to his refusal to join the cult.

Following Manson’s capture by the police, his family embarked on a crime spree accompanied by rallies, attempting to secure his release or, at the very least, obtain a reduction in his death sentence. This spree resulted in further acts of violence, ultimately culminating in the infamous murder of actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time. Charles Manson was incarcerated for these murders. He died in 2017 from cancer after spending 40 years in prison. Valentine had two known half-siblings, as his father was married to two wives.

Valentine Michael Manson was born on April 15, 1968 making him an Aries.

Valentine Michael Manson has managed to forge his own path despite the shadows cast by his family’s dark history. Born into infamy, he chose to distance himself from the crimes and chaos surrounding his upbringing. Changing his name symbolized a break from that past, allowing him to live a life less haunted by his lineage. His journey, though marked by secrecy, stands as a testament to his determination to escape the legacy of his notorious family. Presently, Valentine lives a low-profiled life, and not much is known about him or his private life.

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