Talking about Jesus takes love, not guts, Christian speaker says

Kansas State Collegian/October 24, 1979

It doesn't take guts or a great amount of courage to stand before hundreds of college students and do what Jim McCotter does - he says it takes love.

"It's not really hard to get up before hundreds of students if you know what you are talking about, give evidence to support it and have personal experiences to back it up," said McCotter, who will speak at 11 a.m today and Thursday in front of the Union.

McCotter, who lives in Ames, Iowa, has visited hundreds of campuses abroad and in the United States talking to students, not only about Jesus Christ, but the academic validity of Christianity.

When speaking about Christ, McCotter said he believes he is attempting to communicate truth that gives people life.

"I believe if I really love people, I'll share those things that will change their lives and make them happy. Those things are what Christ provides."

McCotter became a Christian while in high school in Colorado Springs. Soon after he entered the University of Colorado, he was challenged to provide academic proof to support the claims of Christianity

As he researched, McCotter said he found historical evidence that supports the Bible. His presentations are laced with statistics and facts which he believes documents the relevance Christ has to peoples' lives even today.

McCotter said he believes that students today are questioning the claims of Christianity and, just as he did, want academic answers to their questions.

"Many students are groping for answers, trying to discover the things that will bring them success."

McCotter said he believes he is different from other Christian lectureres because he "doesn't just talk about Jesus in general."

McCotter said he talks about how Christ is academically relevant to history, psychology, philosophy and sociology because he believes students are interested in hearing about these things.

"Students now ask questions and want answers to end their despair. I think if students know I am genuine and sincere, they will be genuine and sincere.

"That's why I believe what I am saying is valid. Christ can deliver us from that anxiety," he said.

Although McCotter has experienced a few hecklers while speaking, he said, in general, response has been "tremendous." Earlier this month at the University of Missouri at Columbia and at Kansas City, hundreds of students listened to and questioned McCotter

"To me, this reveals that students really are searching. It's because of what I'm sharing, not because of me," McCotter said. "It's because I am talking about something that has changed literally thousands of lives...from anxiety to peace, from guilt to forgiveness, and from bitterness and hate to love.

"Everyone wants what Christ has to offer - peace, love, joy - and all they have to do is accept it."

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