MMM in legal wrangle over eviction writ

Toowoomba Chronicle, June 9, 1999
By Andrew Dunne

The Magnificat Meal Movement saga is back on the boil with a claim yesterday that Mr. Gordon Geileskey has withdrawn a Supreme Court writ to evict members from the movement's headquarters.

MMM leader Mrs. Debra Geileskey told The Chronicle yesterday she had received a letter from her husband's solicitor which said he had withdrawn the writ.

He had also relinquished all control he and his companion Mrs. Michele Stewart had in a company which controlled shares in property in the main street of Helidon.

Mrs. Geileskey said that with the letter she could evict Mr. Geileskey and Mrs. Stewart from their home and business, which the company owned.

"They will be expelled like vermin from those properties," she said.

But Mr. Geileskey's solicitor Mr. Paul Lynch, of Lynch and Co., Brisbane, said he had sent no letter and his client had not withdrawn the writ.

"No such letter exists," he told The Chronicle.

"The Supreme Court action will be pursued and is being pursued."

Mr. Lynch said the accusations of Mrs. Geileskey were "simply not true" and a hearing date had been set down for the writ in early July.

He said while he could not comment on claims Mrs. Geileskey could now evict his client, he was sure the Supreme Court might have something to say about the matter.

Earlier, Mr. Geileskey and Mrs. Stewart said they had sought a writ to evict members from MMM headquarters in an effort to stop Mrs. Geileskey from "destroying people's lives."

The three are directors of Our Lady's Mount Pty Ltd, a private company which has acquired a one-third share of half the properties in Helidon's main street.

Mrs. Geileskey said she had also taken out a restraining order on her husband, but would welcome him back if he repented his sins.

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