Cult Out In The Cold

The Courier-Mail - ABIX - Australia, May 19, 2000

The landlords of Helidon's Magnificat Meal Movement have decided not to renew the cult's lease, which expires 31 May 2000.

The mid-May 2000 move is a major blow to cult founder Debra Geileskey, who has claimed Helidon will be the site of the second coming and that the property was the shrine of the Virgin Mary.

The two landlords of the cult's headquarters, including Geileskey's ex-husband, Gordon Geileskey, say the self-anointed prophet's claims are fake, and have voted against renewing the lease.

The decision also leaves several cult followers out in the cold, many of whom have sold their homes and moved to the site to await the return of Christ.

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