MMM leader may have eye on other rural properties

The Chronicle/May 11, 2002
By Warren Murray

A woman believed to be Magnificat Meal Movement leader Ms Debra Burs-lem was seen yesterday at a Lockyer Valley rural retreat bought by the cult leader for a shade under $1 million.

The Chronicle revealed the $950,000 purchase yesterday and has been told the reclusive cult leader made a full cash payment for the land in $50 notes.

Neighbours said they believed Ms Burslem had also bought, or was trying to buy, other properties nearby.

One woman said she was concerned about the cult moving to the area, but another said she would wait and see how they turned out as neighbours. , A woman at the group's IJelidon headquarters said Ms Burslem was not there and no-one could comment on the land purchase as it was Ms Burslem's private business.

The sprawling Sandy Creek Road property includes several large homes, an olive grove and apricot trees, a swimming pool and an eight-car garage.

Helidon store owner Mr Paul O'Sullivan said the group's presence in town lately had been "not very high at all."

"The only time you really see them a bit is the first Saturday of the month because they get all carried away then," he said.

"There's still a few of them around town.

"You see one or two of them about."

Another resident said a market garden had been established on MMM land in the town and group members had put corrugated iron around nearby trees to keep possums away.

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