Jet-set mystic jailed for rape

The Sun, UK/July 26, 2010

A cult guru jailed for ten years today after sexually abusing attractive young followers with his "organic manhood" is suspected to have raped scores more women.

Self-proclaimed miracle worker Michael Lyons funded a jet-set lifestyle by fleecing brainwashed pretty devotees he called "cloud angels."

The 52-year-old mystic - known as Mohan Singh - preached open sex among his group and used his harem of adoring women followers to target new recruits for sex.

Cosmic sex beast Lyons was convicted at London's Wood Green Crown Court of raping one woman during a twisted initiation ceremony and sexually assaulting another by penentration while treating her for a bad back.

But he was acquitted of three more rapes and sexual assault.

Jurors locked in debate since June 30 were today unable to reach verdicts on two further counts of rape and sexual assault. Those charges were ordered to lie on file.

Scotland Yard and the FBI, however, suspect the new age preacher of raping many more victims in this country and America - where further charges are being considered against him.

According to one U.S internet report, more than 300 women have come forward to say they were sexually abused by Lyons.

The claim was denied by police, but Det Sgt Nick Giles, of the Yard's Operation Sapphire specialist sex crimes unit, said : "I do think there are many other victims out there, but it is impossible to put a number on it."

He went on: "The offences in this case were quite horrendous.

"He brainwashed young impressionable women and isolated them from their families to exercise psychological and emotional control.

"Recruits were told to rip up photographs of their families and embrace the group as their new family.

"He literally took their lives away from them.

"There are families all over the world who have been left completely devastated by the activities of Michael Lyons and his cult."

Jailing him for seven years for rape and another three years to run consecutively for the sexual assault, Judge Nicholas Browne, QC, accused the guru's female followers of setting up the sex attacks.

The judge told Lyons: "They well knew what was likely to happen to both victims before their sexual abuse.

"Women's groups everywhere will be shocked and appalled in the complicity in these two crimes of women close to you.

"It was complete betrayal by women to women. Both thought they were safe in your presence because other women were present at the time or shortly before."

Lyons was made the subject of a life-long strict sexual offences prevention order barring him touching any woman he has known for less than six months.

Jamaican-born Lyons had three main bases - London, Manchester and Miami - and persuaded followers to pay £400 a month into a group account meant for arranging visits from Eastern spiritualists, but which was used to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

Lyons, who wore crimson robes throughout his trial, had a Bentley limousine permanently available to him and his defence fees of at least £2million were paid for him by devotees.

His trial was told Lyons was a "sexual predator" who used a 50-strong harem of attractive women followers, and several men, to recruit targets for lust-filled initiation ceremonies.

Jurors heard how Lyons told one victim that he had an "organic manhood."

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