New Rule On Purchasing LDS Garments 7, 2004

The misuse and sale of sacred LDS temple garments on internet auction sites has angered LDS faithful. Bow, the church is taking action that would make it harder for non-members to buy garments. Yesterday the church's first presidency announced new requirements for buying temple garments.

At last October's General Conference, church member Jose Basilio was criminally charged after getting into a confrontation with a street preacher who was waving garments sacred to Mormons.

Mary Beth Harris was a frequent shopper on the popular internet auction site ebay, but she's been boycotting the site ever since she saw brand new temple garments--normally five dollar items--going for over $2000.

"I'm very frustrated they are very sacred to me," said Mary Beth.

She's not alone in her frustrations.

"They are something very sacred that we don't go parade around," said .

Mary Beth started a petition to stop the sale of garments on ebay, to no avail. While the church made no specific reference to the sale of garments on ebay, shoppers must now present a current LDS temple recommend or their church membership number when buying garments.

The announcement of this new garment purchase policy was read over the pulpit during many LDS church meetings Sunday.

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