Brigham Young: The 'modern Moses'

The Citizen, Auburn New York/September 22, 2007

Brigham Young first settled in a small settlement called Haydenville, which was about two miles from the village of Port Byron. There he was employed at the Park's Pail Factory earning about 50 cents an hour as a painter. Later after the factory was converted to a Woolen Mill, he worked there as a wool carder.

In 1824, Young and his first wife, Marian, moved to the village of Port Byron where his first child, Elizabeth, was born. It is recorded that the family lived in two different houses while residing in Port Byron. Both these houses are still standing today.

While married to Marian, Young worked as a painter, carpenter and a glazier for different residences in the area and in Auburn.

It is said he worked for Milliner and Davis at the dry dock painting boats but later was given the responsibility of building boats and working as foreman.

In 1829, the couple moved to Mendon, NY, (where their second child, Vilote, was born).

Young was baptized on April 14, 1832 into the Mormon Church, at which time he dropped his paint brushes and began to preach.

Later that year, he traveled to Ohio where he became associated with Joseph Smith, thus becoming ordained as an elder and continued west to establish a settlement in Utah.

After Mr. Smith's death in 1844, Young became known as the "Great Prophet," and in 1836, became the president of the Mormon Church and was appointed as the governor of Utah in 1857.

He held this position for eight years.

The most interesting "historical" fact known about Brigham Young is that he was married to at least 17 regular wives and was said to have had numerous "spiritual" wives and became the father of 58 children.

Young passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah Aug. 29, 1877. To this day, many Mormons and tourists visit Port Byron and surrounding areas during the summer months to see where he lived and worked for about five years.

In the Village Historian's Center at 103 Main St., Port Byron, you can view more history on Brigham Young by various authors and a postcard of him with several of his wives and their names.

Along with Brigham Young, several more well-known residents and what their influence on Port Byron were can be viewed.

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