What Mormons believe

Mormons, Mormon Church, LDS, beliefs/October 14, 2007

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons, consider themselves to be Christian, professing faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God. They also believe in the Bible and regularly teach from it.

But there are significant differences between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity.

  • Mormons believe they are the restored church of Jesus Christ as it existed in biblical times in the New Testament.
  • They often refer to their faith as "restored New Testament Christianity."
  • They also believe in additional Scripture known as The Book of Mormon, which they describe as another testament of Jesus Christ.
  • The Bible and Book of Mormon are used side by side in preaching and study.
  • Mormons view senior church leaders as living prophets and believe God is still communicating to them through revelations.
  • Gordon Hinckley is the current president and considered the prophet of the church.
  • Mormons believe they are spirit children of God, who lived with him before being born to earthly parents.
  • Life on Earth is a probationary state leading to a future life with God, where continued growth, learning and improvement will take place.

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