Stephenie Meyer's Twilight banned

Baltimore Sun/April 28, 2009

The combination of Stephenie Meyer, vampires/werewolves and the Mormon church always seemed an odd one to me. Now comes news that Deseret Book, a store owned by the Mormon church, has taken Meyer's immensely popular Twilight off its shelves. Same for the other books in the series: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

According to a story in the Salt Lake Tribune, the bulk of Deseret Book's business comes from the sale of religious titles. And it apparently doesn't matter that Meyer is arguably the most famous Mormon author -- she graduated from Brigham Young University and is a member of the church.

A Deseret Book spokeswoman sent the Tribune a statement by e-mail. It read: "Like any retailer, our purpose is to offer products that are embraced and expected by our customers. When we find products that are met with mixed review, we typically move them to special order status."

I checked the store's Web site yesterday for any works by Meyer, and did find The Host, which is aimed at adults. But no sign of the other blockbusters.

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