This Mormon Group Applauds Prop. 8 Ruling

The Bay Citizen, California/August 4, 2010

Laura Compton, of Cupertino, the media contact at Mormons for Marriage, a Mormon pro-gay rights advocacy group, reacted happily to the ruling on Proposition 8.

"I'm glad to see that we're not going to have discrimination written in the Constitution," said Compton.

Mormons For Marriage is a pro-gay rights group, which attempts to serve as a bridge between the gay community and the Mormon church.

Mormons were spotlighted back in 2008 for their overwhelming financial support of Prop. 8. Mormons For Marriage exists to convince Mormons that gay marriage will not threaten their family life.

"The ruling doesn't force Mormons to marry gay people and it doesn't do anything to harm families," said Compton. "It provides the framework to protect a bunch of families that exist and some that want to exist. We should create places where children can grow up with lots of adults.

"I know there are going to be Mormons who are worried that they will lose their religious freedom and their ability to practice...No one is forcing the [Mormons] to do anything against their beliefs."

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