Neighbors Saw Trouble Move into Teen's Life

St. Louis Post/March 28, 1996
By Kristina Sauerwein

William Andrew Futrelle II Lived with his mother in a white ranch house with green shutters in a gated community on South Silver Palm Road, less than a mile from the ocean. He liked water sports.

"Will was always going," said a family friend. "Sadly, he headed into trouble."

On Monday, William "Will" Futrelle was killed at a private school for troubled youths in rural Missouri. An 18-year-old fellow student has been charged with his murder; two juveniles also are being held.

On Jan. 2, Futrelle's mother, Billie Futrelle, called police for advice on how to deal with her son skipping school in Boca Raton, an affluent community 50 miles north of Miami.

A police report of a second incident, on Jan. 5, gives this account:

Around 10 p.m., a neighbor called police because she heard yells and thrashing sounds coming from the Futrelle's home across the street.

Billie Futrelle and her son were quarreling. She accused him of using drugs and alcohol. He disputed it, screaming and breaking furniture.

Billie Futrelle, 45, couldn't be reached for comment. Neither could Will's father, Andrew, who lives in Philadelphia and works in sales at Kimberly-Clark.

The Futrelles moved to Florida from Philadelphia about 18 months ago, a neighbor said. Will's older sister recently left for college.

Will attended Boca Raton High School. Assistant principal Myra Stafford didn't know the boy or hear about any trouble.

"He was just there," she said. "He blended in."

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