Ex-MP to stand murder trial

Manyara and 14 'Mungiki' followers to be charged with Nakuru killings

Daily Nation/May 21, 2003
By Lorraine Anyango

Former Nakuru Town MP David Manyara and 14 Mungiki sect members were yesterday committed to the High Court to stand trial for the murder of 10 people in the town in January.

The Nakuru chief magistrate's court directed that the case be referred to the High Court where the suspects would plead to the charge.

Mr Manyara had exonerated himself from the offence and blamed the media for tarnishing his image.

The politician, who contested the seat on a Kanu ticket in the December elections, told the court he would clear himself.

"The whole country knows that I didn't commit the murder as the people have been made to believe by the media. "I intend to clear my name because I am innocent," he said.

On the night the offence is said to have been committed, he argued, he was at a garage near Nakuru's Kunste Hotel 10 people.

He gave their names to the court, saying they would be his witnesses. One of the suspects, Mr Peter Kiragu, told the court that he was arrested on January 4, 2003, when he went to borrow a book from his classmate.

He was arrested and charged with an offence he had not taken part in, he said. Another, Mr Kariuki Mugo, said he was arrested for spotting dreadlocks.

"They told me they were arresting me because they were looking for people with dreadlocks," he added.

The other accused said they were not anywhere near the murder scenes. They also gave the names of the people they were with when the murder was committed, and said they would call them as witnesses.

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