Mungiki Defector Beheaded

East African Standard (Nairobi)/June 9, 2004

Police were yesterday desperately searching for the torso of a former Mungiki (local illegal cult) adherent whose head was discovered dumped within the city centre yesterday morning.

The slain man is said to have been among the 84 people released last Friday after charges related to Mungiki activities preferred against them were dismissed by the High Court.

Simon Ndabi Kamore was allegedly beheaded by his former Mungiki accomplices and his head dumped at the same spot where he had been preaching his new found religion three days ago on Sunday, June 6.

Early morning risers were shocked to find a bloody head on a pavement near a telephone booth at in the OTC matatu (PSV) termini along the city's Race Course road.

The grimacing expression on the face was an indication that the man was attcaked by surprise and his head swiftly chopped off.

Although police say they have not identified the man because the body has not been recovered, some eye witnesses alleged he was Kamore who converted to Christianity after being acquitted of murder charges along with 83 other suspects.

He was a resident of Dandora where police suspect the torso was dumped.

It is suspected that he was beheaded by Mungiki adherents after disowning the sect contrary to the oath of allegiance he took upon initiation into the outlawed sect.

Police revealed that they were facing difficulties because family members had not yet been traced.

The head was later taken to the City Mortuary by police who also started a search for the torso.

The murder comes in the wake of a recent revelation that fanatical Mungiki adherents have in the recent past been attacking and killing any sect member who dares to reconvert to another religion or disassociates himself with the outlawed outfit.

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