Cops Take Away 3-Year-Old Adolf Hitler

Child Protection Officials Removed Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, From Parents' Home

ABC News/January 15, 2009

Friday, officials from the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services took into protective custody Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, and his younger sisters JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 8 months, according to the Holland Township Police Department.

Police, DYFS officials and a court spokeswoman declined to reveal the exact reasons the children were removed from their home, citing confidentiality, but a child protection official indicated it was not because of the children's names.

The children and their parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, made headlines last month when a ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich, N.J., refused to inscribe Adolf Hitler Campbell's name on a cake for his third birthday.

"I cannot comment specifically on any family or case. I can't even say if we're dealing with a case," said DYFS spokeswoman Kate Bernyk. Related

"I can say we become involved when there is an allegation of abuse or neglect, and remove a child only if there is an imminent risk to the safety of child," she said. "We would never remove a child simply based on their name."

Local police were on hand when DYFS officials removed the children and confirmed the event.

Holland Township Police Sgt. John Harris who personally escorted the child-safety workers to the family's Holland Township home, said the police were there to "keep the peace" and that the Campbell parents were not at the time charged with any crime.

"I was at the house to keep the peace and protect the workers," he said.

Harris said Deborah Campbell "was very upset" when she learned her children were being taken. He said local police had not received any direct complaints about the family.

Calls by to the Campbell home went unanswered. Calls to the county public defender to determine whether the couple had obtained a lawyer were referred to the Somerset County Court administrator, who, citing confidentiality, would not say if the couple had retained counsel or whether a hearing was scheduled.

"This is a sealed matter," court spokeswoman Chrstine Murzdeck said.

One of the family's neighbors said she had been called by DYFS to testify at a hearing Thursday but said she had not witnessed any "sexual or physical abuse."

"He [Heath Campbell] had some kind of hold over those kids and his wife. I don't think it was sexual or physical abuse, but the kids were confined to certain areas in the house," said Lori Dilts, 38, a neighbor and the daughter of the Campbells' landlord.

"It was more than just their names and the cake situation," said Dilts, who was reluctant to share any more details until after the hearing.

"Those children look outwardly healthy, but they didn't have much freedom," she said. "Occasionally, the little boy would come over here and would hate having to go back to his house."

Dilts said Campbell had swords and Nazi paraphernalia hanging on the walls of the family's home. She said the couple was unemployed and received government assistance to pay their rent.

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