Leftist Radical Who Became Neo-Nazi Found Guilty

Arutz Sheva, Israel/August 24, 2009

A German born leftist radical who became a neo-Nazi has been found guilty of Holocaust denial by a German court. The Federal Court of Justice of Karlsruhe upheld a conviction of a Munich court in February which found Horst Mahler guilty of breaking Germany’s law against Holocaust denial.

71-year-old Mahler, a Berlin lawyer, was a founding member of the extreme-left Red Army Faction (also know as the Baader Meinhoff Gang) which carried out terror attacks in Germany in the 1960’s. He eventually received a twelve year jail sentence for his actions.

In August of 2000, Mahler applied for membership in the National Democratic Party (NPD), one of the most prominent German neo-Nazi political organizations. He later called Adolf Hitler "the savior of the German people,” but “not only of the German people.” In the recent resurgence of overt political activity by Germany's neo-Nazis, no figure is considered more prominent than Horst Mahler.

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