The teenager 'behind neo-Nazi terror plot to overthrow Government'

Mail Online, UK/April 15, 2010

A teenage white supremacist was a key figure in a neo-Nazi group which had access to the deadly poison ricin and planned to overthrow the Government, a court was told yesterday.

Nicky Davison, 19, helped run a far-Right website called Aryan Strike Force designed to recruit like-minded individuals, the jury heard.

They wouldn't just be 'keyboard warriors' but would be 'ready to act', it is claimed.

When police raided the teenager's home the group were in the early stages of paramilitary activity, the court heard.

On Davison's computer officers found copies of two terror manuals - The Poor Man's James Bond and The Anarchist's Cookbook - which explained how to make bombs and poisons, the court heard.

Davison denies three charges of possessing a record containing information useful in committing or preparing acts of terrorism.

Aryan Strike Force was set up in January 2008 by Davison's 41-year-old father, Ian, who has admitted six terror-related charges, including producing ricin, and will be sentenced at the end of his son's trial.

The group believed the Government was Zionist and had been 'taken over by the Jews', the jury heard.

Andrew Edis, prosecuting, told Newcastle Crown Court there was no evidence the son knew anything about the ricin.

But he was 'getting himself informed and equipped to do something' when police swooped on his home last June, Mr Edis said.

To that extent he was 'clearly an influential figure in the creation and development of the Aryan Strike Force website'.

They were prepared to do what they called 'ops' - paramilitary activity - and were in the early stages of preparation, Mr Edis told the jury.

'The Aryan Strike Force was in essence a website to which people interested in its aims subscribed. But its purpose was to form a group which would be ready to act,' he said.

'They were a group that were not simply wanting to be keyboard warriors. They made a distinction between people who were associated with the group they were forming and members who were to be of a different category, more interested in action.

'It was set up to advance the aims of white supremacy in these islands and fight what they call "Zog", which means Zionist Occupied Government.

'They are strongly against the Government because their theory is that it has been taken over by the Jews and therefore must be resisted by white supremacists.'

It was not a crime to harbour these views, Mr Edis added, but Davison took things 'a step further by having a document which contained information likely to be of use to a terrorist'.

Mr Edis said: 'The manuals (on Davison's computer) tell the reader how to make letter bombs, how to make explosives, how to make detonators, how to make bombs, how to make grenades, how to make silencers and how to make poisons.'

Davison, of Annfield Plain, County Durham, used the name Thorburn1488 when online.

The court heard that the numbers relate to a 14-word slogan used by an American white supremacist called David Lane - 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children' - and 88, the neo-Nazi code for Heil Hitler based on H being the eighth letter of the alphabet.

A mission statement posted by Davison on the Aryan Strike Force website said they wanted to bring together National Socialists, Nationalists, racists and fascists.

The jury was shown videos posted on a related website.

One showed images depicting the fall of the British Empire interspersed with images of terrorist atrocities, including the 9/11 attack.

A second showed a group of balaclava-clad men holding Nazi flags and making 'Heil Hitler' salutes. The trial continues.

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