Even in prison, Roanoke Neo Nazi Bill White's tenants claim he still chaos

WSLS 10 News, Virginia/November 11, 2010

Several tenants of Roanoke city landlord and Neo Nazi leader Bill White claim, even while in prison, he still causes chaos.

Court records show White had the water cut off to approximately 20 tenants. The tenants claim the Western Virginia Water Authority took their meters on November 9th.

"If I had been give proper notice, even a 30 day notice, that would have given me proper time to make sure we had somewhere to go," Patricia Quackenbush said.

Quackenbush said she signed a lease with White's wife, Meghan, more than one year ago.

Bankruptcy court records show White put his wife in charge of his rental property business when he went to jail two years ago.

White will wrap up a federal prison sentence soon after convictions late last year on charges of threatening people and intimidating several tenants at a Virginia Beach apartment complex he did not own.

White still faces a possible criminal trial in federal court in Chicago on a charge of threatening a juror.

Quackenbush called the Legal Aid Society of the Roanoke Valley were attorney David Beidler took her case.

Beidler said he knows White very well. He said someone once posted his home address and other personal information on the Internet after successfully defending one of White's former tenants in an unrelated matter.

Beidler said he hasn't gathered all the facts but "expects" it could be a case of White trying to get the tenants out of his rental properties without going through the legal means of eviction as spelled out in commonwealth law.

Beidler wrote a letter to the Western Virginia Water Authority claiming White did not give his tenants enough notice before shutting off the utility.

The authority agreed to put the water meters back at the properties for the next 30 days.

Beidler said it's completely within White's rights as a landlord to evict any tenants as long as he follows the rules, which usually give tenants more than 30 days notice.

White has been acting as his own bankruptcy attorney for the past several months. He's currently serving his time in prison in Beaver, West Virginia.

Court records show White filed paperwork claiming his wife had gotten behind on the water bills, and an August filing accused her of stealing $60,000 from his estate.

Meghan White refused a request for an interview for this story.

In later filings White told the bankruptcy judge he had interest from an undisclosed buyer about purchasing the properties where he had the water turned off.

White filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008, but asked the judge to change his filing to Chapter 7 protection. If the judge disagreed, White said he would "eliminate the remaining tenants through condemnation, lease termination, and eviction."

White wrote his reasoning for turning off the water was due in part to his "previous property manager" ceasing to pay the water bills and "misdirecting the funds."

In a letter to Roanoke city code enforcement dated November 8th, White wrote his wife "is almost completely out of this situation" and that if Meghan White "steals or misdirects another month's rent roll," he might walk away from any negotiations to fix the properties.

At the bottom of the letter White wrote: "PS: I am very sorry to you and the city for what my wife has done."

Quackenbush believes White still wants her evicted. She said she's already looking for a new apartment.

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