Youth party fights for the rights of whites

Neo-Nazi splinter group inspired by similar movements in the US and Sweden

The Copenhagen Post/June 16, 2011

A new nationalistic Danish party was established last Saturday by defectors from the Danish National Socialist (DNSB) movement, led by a 21-year-old self-confessed racist and holocaust denier.

Danskernes Parti (The Danes' Party) will stand in the 2013 council elections and will seek to deport all non-European foreigners, withdraw from the EU and fight for the environment.

The party's young leader, Daniel Carlsen, reportedly said he believes they stand a good chance in the elections.

"We are still experiencing massive immigration and we are still controlled by the EU despite promises of the opposite," he told TV2 News.

Carlsen, who calls himself a ‘modern nationalist', and other members of the DNSB left the party in April to establish the new party in order to fight for the rights of white Danes.

"We are all Danes before we are anything else. Before you are an academic you are a Dane, before you work you are a Dane, and even though I am a student I am first and foremost a Dane," he said. "But despite this all we hear about are parties that either fight for workers or academics, ‘the rich' or ‘the weak'. You never hear about people who fight for Danes. But that's what we do."

The party's website demonstrates sympathy for far-right nationalist parties and movements and features an article written by the leader of the American Third Position, a newly established party that works to promote the interests of white Americans.

Their website also indicates a co-operation with Svenskarnas Parti (The Swedes' Party).

"Our fight is not only about Denmark, but the whole of Scandinavia, the north and Europe. All Europeans face the same challenges as us," reads a statement from the website.

Carlsen joined the DNSB when he was 16 and his far-right beliefs have often brought him into the media spotlight, most notably when his parents were interviewed on DR's Aftenshowet about his beliefs.

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