Patrick Swayze's niece dumps Neo Nazi husband, just two months after their wedding

Daily Mail, UK/December 1, 2011

Patrick Swayze's niece Danielle has dumped her Neo Nazi skinhead husband two months after their wedding, it has emerged.

The 23-year-old has ditched white separatist Joshua Steever, 31, after her family pressured her to end the relationship, according to The National Enquirer.

Danielle, the daughter of the late Dirty Dancing star's brother Don, tied the knot with Steever in a secret pagan ritual back in August.

According to the publication, Danielle has returned to her Las Vegas home where she works in a supermarket, with Steever remaining in Flemington New Jersey.

'They had minimal phone contact and then Danielle called Joshua and said that she'd never loved him,' an insider told the Enquirer.

'She explained that she'd just got carried away and had no interest in continuing their relationship. Joshua was heartbroken.'

According to the report, Steever sent a mutual friend to the Nevada city to 'get a message' to Danielle but she told him to leave her alone.

Steever, a tattoo artist, who has a tattoo of 'racist' on his forehead, and a swastika under his right eye, has convictions for two violent attacks.

Swayze's family were horrified to learn of the tryst.

Danielle's parents split up eight years ago and she hasn't spoken to her father Don, also an actor who recently played Gus on True Blood, for years, according to the Enquirer.

Don Swayze said: 'Obviously I wasn't invited to the wedding, but I can't believe she would be that stupid.'

The publication revealed that: 'Don called Danielle and said that her uncle Patrick, who adored her, must be spinning inn his grave over her affiliation with racist skinheads.

'He pleaded with Danielle to rethink what she wants to do with her life. Don's just hoping that by dumping Josh, she's taking a step in the right direction.'

Sources say that Don Swayze eventually called Steever,according to an insider close to the Neo Nazi. 'Josh believes Danielle's family is pressuring her to stay away from him.

'But he can't do anything about it because he's on probation and can't leave New Jersey.'

Steever and Swayze, who lives in Nevada, met on the internet and wrote to each other for months before meeting at a Neo-Nazi weekend event, where the pair tied the knot.

Patrick Swayze died in 2009 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

The Ghost star and wife Lisa Niemi had no children of their own.

But Danielle was, for a time, close to her uncle, attending the opening of her father Don's film Lone Star with him in 2005.

The late actor, who starred in several 'Jewish' films, including Dirty Dancing and Jump!, would no doubt have been horrified at his niece's Neo Nazi lifestyle.

Steever is the founder of the ultra-right wing group Aryan Terror Brigade.

In the past he has declared an allegiance to the Supreme White Alliance, members of which conspired to kill Obama in 2008.

Steever's 'resume' includes a conviction for deadly conduct in 2005 for beating someone with an axe handle, resulting in the nickname 'Hatchet.'

He was arrested again in 2006, after threatening to stab three African American students, and blow up Newark Memorial High School in California.

In an attempt to get a reduced sentence, Steever had the tattoo 'racist' partly removed from his forehead. He was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation.

Steever has in the past boasted of his affiliation to the Supreme White Alliance group. But since removing his racist tattoo the sect have denounced him as a traitor.

The white separatist was, at one time, close friends with Daniel Cowart, 20, who confessed to the plot to murder Obama, then the Democratic presidential nominee, and 88 African Americans in Tennessee.

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