Ex Neo - Nazi Aide Sentenced in Washington

Associated Press/May 4, 2007

Seattle -- A white supremacist who served prison time in the 1960s in a suspected plot to kill Martin Luther King Jr. was sentenced to an eight-year term Friday for selling weapons to a police informant.

Keith D. Gilbert, 66, once served as an aide to the late Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler and was arrested in February 2005. A search of his Seattle home turned up 74 firearms, including some fully automatic machine guns; as a felon, Gilbert was not allowed to possess them.

Gilbert was convicted in September of conspiracy to manufacture unregistered firearms, being a felon in possession of firearms, possessing a machine gun and possessing unregistered firearms.

In the 1960s, he served several years in prison in California after he was arrested in Los Angeles with 1,400 pounds of stolen dynamite, which authorities believed was part of a plot to kill King.

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