Nazi Gerd Honsik arrested in Málaga

Spain News/August 23, 2007

He is wanted by the Austrian judiciary

The Nazi veteran Gerd Honsik has been arrested in Málaga today, wanted by the Austrian Judiciary.

Honsik, who has always denied that the genocide of the Jews and the gas chambers even existed, was found guilty of that denial in Vienna in 1992, and sentenced to 18 months in prison, but he escaped custody to Spain.

He has written a book 'Absolution of Hitler' and magazine articles for 'Halt' and in both denied the existence of the gas chambers, claiming that the chimney at Auschwitz was only 40cms long down from the roof.

The National Court in Spain has previously refused an application by Honsik to be considered as a political refugee, a decision which was later supported by the Spanish Supreme Court.

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