This Neo-Nazi Gets Paid to Groom Children. Who’s Supporting This?

A man calling himself “AMERICAS #1 ANTI SEMITE!” is targeting child users of a video platform called Omegle for indoctrination and verbal abuse — and livestreaming the encounters to his hateful fans for money

Rolling Stone/May 14, 2023

When Neo-Nazi Jon Minadeo II encounters children on the video chat platform Omegle, one of two things typically goes down. Either: Minadeo subjects the kid to a torrent of abusive slurs like “f-agg-t”; “k-ke”; and the n-word. Or: He coaxes the child into making a heil Hitler salute, and attempts to groom them into adopting, and even promoting, his rancid ideology of racism and antisemitism.

Whatever the case, Minadeo creates a spectacle. The white supremacist live-streams these video chats for the grotesque amusement of his followers, and to rake in cash from fan donations.

Minadeo, as revealed in his own words, is a Hitler-loving troll and hate influencer who wraps his white-power beliefs in layers of irony. He is the leader of a neo-Nazi network calling itself the Goyim Defense League. That name itself is a curdled sendup of the Anti-Defamation League. (“Goyim” is a Hebrew word for a non-Jew, sometimes used as an insult.)

Minadeo, 40, dresses like a hipster, with a high-fade haircut and a close cropped beard; he goes by the online handle HandsomeTruth. His long history of hate speech got him booted from mainstream social media platforms like YouTube. So Minadeo started his own video service, GoyimTV, where he is the “star” creator.

To reach his unsuspecting young targets, Minadeo incorporates a second video platform called Similar to Chatroulette, Omegle pairs users at random for a series of brief, impromptu video chats. The platform, infamous for its lax moderation, is popular with bored-at-home youth, for whom the site’s supposed 18+ restriction is little obstacle. (Neither Omegle nor its founder Lief K-Brooks, responded to Rolling Stone emails about the neo-Nazi-troll’s misuse of the platform.)

Minadeo has long created controversy — reportedly once getting arrested by Polish authorities for demonstrating Jews outside of Auschwitz — and targeting kids with hate is just the latest, deplorable step in an outrageous career.

In footage reviewed by Rolling Stone, Minadeo told gay and Jewish children to put themselves “in an oven” as he hurled hateful epithets at them. In a less confrontational encounter, he attempted to convince a 12-year-old to download and distribute antisemitic propaganda leaflets “with every white kid” at school. “Don’t share with the [n-word]s,” he advised. “Keep it away from the f-gg-ts. Okay? Because they’re gonna tell on you.”

Content warning: Rolling Stone is describing these disturbing encounters in enough detail to convey the weight of the hateful confrontations Minadeo foists on unsuspecting children, without referring readers to the videos themselves. This piece may not be appropriate for all readers. In response to an interview request from Rolling Stone, Minadeo wrote, “Fuck you [n-word].”

Minadeo’s hateful performance starts on his GoyimTV livestream, which he launches with a Hitler salute to viewers. In an early May video, Minadeo opened his broadcast with an antisemitic “prayer” to psych himself up for his encounters on Omegle: “Dear God, please help me keep a positive attitude even when I’m dealing with these degenerates tonight,” he said. “Make me as entertaining as possible so that I can break through the brainwash that the Jews have done to the youngsters.”

Minadeo then gets himself into character before firing up Omegle, which appears on the screen of his livestream on GoyimTV. The hate-troll does not present himself to his targets as a neo-Nazi at first. Instead he acts the part of an upbeat drag queen. He speaks in a high, bright voice and has applied eye makeup to sell the bit. On a broadcast viewed by Rolling Stone, he wore a loosely-buttoned Hawaaian shirt covered in bananas.

The troll’s opening line to his targets is often: “Hi ohmygod, you’re gorgeous!” But this persona is just a hook, and quickly gives way to Minadeo’s wide arsenal of racial and religious slurs. In these hateful performances, Minadeo makes use of CGI filters that transform his face to augment the troll.

He’ll turn his face into a monkey, for example, as a racist insult to Black targets, whom he berrates with the n-word, wielding a banana he holds like a gun. When speaking to minorities that were targeted by Hitler in the Holocaust, he’ll overlay his face with an image of a kitchen oven. At other times, Minadeo will apply a filter that turns his eyes into red laser dots — a meme indicating “ultra” extremism — and he’ll shout, “White power!”

Many of Minadeo’s targets appear to be of college age. But Omegle also serves up a steady stream of children, some of them not even teenagers. In his drag persona, Minadeo recited a nursery rhyme to one self-identified 12 year old that included the hateful line: “There once was was a drag queen, who you couldn’t save; because that drag queen was infested with Jewish AIDS.”

Minadeo’s encounters are split between verbal abuse and attempted indoctrination; his worst antics are rewarded with cash; over the course of a two hour live stream he rakes in more than $250 from hateful followers.

In one encounter with a boy, seemingly on the cusp of his teen years, Minadeo opens: “Ohmygod, you’re so gorgeous. I hope that you don’t hang out with [n-word]s.” When the child responds in the negative, Minadeo throws up a Hitler salute and turns on the laser eyes. “White power?” he asks. The child plays along. “White power? White power. White power,” Minadeo says, his voice steadily dropping into his authentic, deep register. “White Power, young man,” he then instructs. “Don’t hang out with [n-word]s. Don’t hang out with f-gg-ts, understand?” The child, confused, responds: “What if I am the f-gg-t?” Minadeo shoots back: “Then you should probably put yourself in an oven,” and applies a filter that transforms his head into a floating kitchen oven.

After that child terminates the chat, another young person soon appears on the screen, this one a teen with a prominent nose. “Ohmygod. You’re gorgeous,” Minadeo starts before recoiling: “I mean, you’re Jewish. You’re ugly. You smell like fucking cat piss.” The teen trolls Minadeo back, by screeching and flipping the bird. Minadeo replies: “I’ve got a little hiding spot for you Jewboy.” Turning on the same oven filter, he says: “Come over here. Get in the oven, Jew.” Minadeo then flashes a Hitler salute and the laser eyes and beghins shouting about “demons” and ‘k-kes.”

Some chance encounter with kids don’t spiral into insults. When Minadeo finds a more receptive target, he holds up hate propaganda and asks the young Omegle user to read out loud. Goyim Defense League is infamous for leafleting with fliers that purport to blame Jews for everything from 9/11 to Covid to the immigration crisis. The hate troll will have the young person read out the antisemitic headlines on the flier, e.g.: “Every single aspect of the media is Jewish.” As the conversation progresses, the grooming continues. Minadeo advises the youth to open a social media account on Gab, “the only place where they tell you the truth [about] Jews censoring the Internet.”

In his most successful interactions, Minadeo then offers up the address of a website that hosts images of his hate-fliers for the child to download and distribute. He closes one interaction, with a boy who says he is 12 years old, to distrust what he’s learning in school: “Your teacher is going to try to teach you to be a self-hating white f-gg-t. Okay? This information that I just gave you is going to save your life.”

Minadeo originally hails from Petaluma, California, exurban to San Francisco. He first made his mark distributing hate leaflets of neo-Nazi images and memes purporting to expose that “Every Single Aspect of _______ is Jewish” — with the blank filled in with topics from “Disney child grooming” to “pornography and hookup culture” to “Trump’s campaign funding” to “the Federal Reserve.” The fliers feature pictures of prominent figures in each field with Stars of David superimposed on their foreheads. Rolling Stone has previously reported on GDL’s participation in antisemitic acts inspired by Kanye West’s pro-Nazi rhetoric, including a banner drop on a freeway overpass in Los Angeles that read: “Honk if you know Kanye was right about the Jews.”

Minadeo now lives in Florida. He’s currently attempting to build a larger hate network, using social media as his vector. The use of Omegle is plainly a violation of that site’s terms of service, which bar rebroadcast, and community guidelines that purport to bar “hateful conduct.” But the site has few safeguards and its inability to police inappropriate sexual and racist content been infamous for years.

Minadeo is also emboldened by lax moderation on alternative social media sites like Gab — the Christian nationalist site where he has thousands of followers — and Telegram. The GoyimTV Telegram account, for example, posts snippets of Minadeo’s most successful encounters with “based” kids. Minadeo’s Gab account leaves no ambiguity about his desired claim-to-fame. His bio reads: “AMERICAS #1 ANTI SEMITE!”

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