Neturei Karta take Palestinian side in Silwan clashes

Ynet Israel News/April 25, 2010

Members of the anti-Zionist, ultra-Orthodox sect Neturei Karta never miss an opportunity to express their antagonism to the State and its symbols. Just last week they burned Israeli flags and disrupted the minute's silence to honor Israel's fallen, and now, on Sunday, they decided to take advantage of the tension in the Silwan neighborhood of east Jerusalem following the march by right-wing Israelis, to contribute to the tension too.

Between cries of "death to Jews", flying stones and improvised firebombs hurled at security forces, the members of the haredi group stood out. Some were seen holding stones and others held signs calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

The right-wing march that sparked the clashes in the neighborhood was organized by members of a group calling themselves "Eretz Israel Shelanu" ("Our land of Israel").

The march was held in spite of protest from many political figures including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself. The event ended relatively calmly, though some policemen were injured.

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