Cult Awareness Network Visitor Comments

"I am a student that chose to study cults and recovery from cults as part of my semester. I searched for the site of the Cult Awareness Network and clicked on the 'New CAN.' They should be called the 'Pro Cult Awareness Site!' In their 'about us' section it says one of their members is a Scientolgist. Later through Google I found your site, which told me all about them. To think that people in real need call the New CAN is beyond sad. I just cannot believe it, but am grateful to confirm through your information how the Scientolgists obtained CAN and used an old name."

"I've been to new CAN site. Horrible! It promotes so many cults. They don't have a contact address, which is strange. I know that I would not seek information from them. They are not interested in helping people."

"I think that it's a great mark to your credit that the Church of Scientology has all sorts of nastiness about you on the web! I found your website after thinking that something seemed strange about what is listed as the 'new Cult Awareness Network.' It was their disclaimer stating that the site was 'not associated with Rick Ross' that lead me to search for you."

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