Man Accuses Doctor And Preacher Of Brainwashing His Daughter

KOMO News/May 27, 2005

Seattle -- A man has accused a doctor and a preacher of brainwashing his teenage daughter so they could have sex with her.

The state just suspended the doctor's license, and now the King County Sheriff's office is investigating.

The girl is just 17, and still in high school.

Doctor Barbara Loran's Bellevue chiropractic clinic is now empty. The state suspended her license on Thursday as the Department of Health looks into charges of unprofessional conduct.

Kurt Benshoof says Loran and James King, the leader of the New Gnostic Church, had sex with his 17-year-old daughter.

Benshoof claims Loran and King had their own relationship, and, in his words, 'brainwashed' her into joining them.

Benshoof calls the church a cult and says King is the cult's leader.

He admits he was a longtime member of the church until earlier this year when his daughter told him she would soon be marrying the 47-year-old King and moving away to have his children.

"It's hard to convey the feeling of being stabbed in the back by the Reverend of your church who you trusted as much or more than anybody else," Benshoof said.

Because she is 17 and a possible sexual assault victim, we are not naming Kurt's daughter in this story. He said his daughter is doing well, will soon be graduating high school and has attended sessions with a well known cult deprogrammer, since breaking away from King and Loran.

Loran, a chiropractor and naturopath, had been the family's doctor. And Benshoof calls her losing her license a good first step.

But he told KOMO 4 News what he'd like is to see both Loran and King in jail.

"I mean, just think about if your kids were in a situation like know, would you want to see justice done."

Our crew tried to contact Doctor Loran at her office for a comment, but no one there knew how to reach her.

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