Fall of King

A Current Affair/June 4, 2005
By Producer Rich Gold, Hosted by Tim Green

To his followers, James King is a prophet. To his detractors, he's more like a predator. For the past decade, King has led the New Gnostic Church outside Seattle. Yet on tonight's edition, three former members accuse King of running a religious sect characterized by brainwashing tactics and sexual manipulation. In this exclusive report, these defectors charge the self-styled religious guru with a range of explosive allegations, including seducing a teenage girl. King's lawyer denies any wrong doings on behalf of his client. You'll also hear from a local reporter and a cult deprogrammer [Rick Ross] investigating this story.

Sexual healing?

[Ms. L.] came to King seeking a life "makeover." She says she didn't realize she would undergo an "initiation" process that involved a sexual rite of passage. She claims, "He would say, ‘You know...just sitting here, you're projecting sexually to me.'" [Ms. L.] contends that "in order for him to maintain control over the women emotionally, he would also do it sexually. Once he had a hold on you, then you would go back to him. He would make you dependent on him."

Shattered trust

Kurt and April belonged to King's group and trusted him completely. They even raised their child in his church. But late last year, they made a stunning discovery: they learned King allegedly seduced their 17-year-old daughter Samara. Shock turned to outrage after Samara told police she had sex multiple times with King and his mistress, a chiropractor who had been the girl's primary physician. April says at one point when she confronted King, he assured her, "I would never do that."

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