State suspends license of chiropractor/naturopathic physician; issues a Temporary Cease and Desist Order to an unlicensed practitioner

Washington Department of Health/December 1, 2005

Olympia -- The Department of Health issued a summary suspension against the chiropractic and naturopathic licenses of Barbara Loran (CH00002715; NT00000955) due to charges of unprofessional conduct. The Department is also issuing a Temporary Cease and Desist Order for an unlicensed individual, James King, who has been working with Loran. This action means they cannot practice pending action by the department.

The charges allege Loran knowingly allowed King to perform chiropractic manipulations on several patients and use a technique of inflating balloons in the nasal passages of patients to alter bone structure, even though he has no license. The charges also allege Loran and King engaged in sexual contact with female patients, one of whom was 17 at the time. In addition, Loran’s recordkeeping did not sufficiently document services provided to patients. Loran and King have 20 days to respond to the charges and have the right to request a prompt hearing or a settlement conference.

Consumers who believe a health care provider acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call Health Professions Quality Assurance, 360-236-4700 to report their complaint.

Health Professions Quality Assurance regulates health care providers in Washington. The division monitors and enforces qualifications for licensing, registration or certification, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency mechanisms and discipline. Rules, policies and procedures promote the delivery of quality health care to state residents.

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