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North Korea Appears to Tap Leader�s Son as Enigmatic Heir
Lifting the cloak on North Korean secrecy
The mother of all dictatorships
North Korea's regime stumbles
Heir to the Dear Leader appears from the shadows
'Nothing to Envy' by Barbara Demick
In N. Korea, a strong movement recoils at Kim Jong Il's attempt to limit wealth
North Korean leader's 007-style secret escape tunnels revealed by defector
The paradox of North Korea
North Korea starts making 1st biopic about leader Kim
North Korea leader Kim has pancreatic cancer: report
North Korean leader's son is 'Brilliant Comrade'
Cult status will elude N Korean heir
North Korea's Kim brings close relative to center stage
A look at North Korean leader Kim Jong Il
Factbox: A look at North Korean leader Kim Jong-il
North Koreans pay tribute to founder on Lunar New Year
Kim Jong Il 'names favourite son Jong Un as successor' in North Korea
Ailing North Korean leader gives woman clout
Illness of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is a 'Western conspiracy'
Kim Jong-il: School days of a tyrant
Exploring the cult of Kim Jong-il
The cult of Kim ripens with age
The High Cost Of N. Korea's 'Cult Of Kim'
North Korea escalates 'cult of Kim' to counter West's influence
The cult and the crisis
North Korean leader Kim uses lookalikes for fear of terror attempts
Making Pizza for Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il: Wine, women and bombs
North Korea's Kim: cagey, defiant and operatic
North Korea at 60: still self-reliant, still poor
N. Korean kids play part in leader's personality cult
Second son to inherit Kim's cult
North Koreans think the unthinkable
Pyongyang's cult of the living dead
Kim Jong Il May Be Crazy ... Like a Fox
North Koreans fete "Dear Leader's" birthday
New agent of change in N. Korea: cellphones
N. Korea Denounces Removal of Kim Portrait
Kim Jong Il's personality cult declining for months
Kim Jong-Il badges vanish from North Korean chests
North Korea's Kim cult begins to fade from view
Kim's portrait taken down all over North Korea,
report claims

Returned North Koreans Undergo Brainwashing
God is dead. Long live Kim Il Sung
Rich Taste in a Poor Country
N. Korea: 4 died for leaders' sake
Many died saving Kims' portraits from Korea blast
North Korea: The secret state
The enigmatic Kim Jong Il: N. Korean leader's governing style shows no sign of changing
To Understand North Korea, Toss Out Old Assumptions
N. Korea Marks Kim Leadership Anniversary
Kim Jong-Il honored as a deity, has more than 1,200 titles
North Korean starvation detailed
The madness of Kim Jong Il
The Last Emperor
The Plight Of North Korea
The Obsessions of Kim Jong Il
Temple of Tears
North Korea: a living, breathing Stalinist state
North Koreans Celebrate Birthday of 'Dear Leader'
Birthday boy Kim is god, philosopher king, rock star
N. Korea creates cult around mother of Kim Jong II's son
Amid fears of US strike, N Korea mobilises
for birthday party

N. Korea tries to insulate itself against world
Cult of Kim is more dangerous than Saddam
The cult of Kim -- a little red book's "brilliant" teachings
Lavish lifestyle of Korea's "Great Leader"
A real-life Dr. Evil
Is North Korea a cult?
N. Korea Hears Anti-U.S. Diatribes Daily

The "Great Leader"
Kim Jong II, dictator
of North Korea

God: Kim II Sung

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