Murdered baby tied to Baltimore cult?

ABC News, Philadelphia/May 2, 2008

The mysterious death of a baby found in a suitcase behind a South Philadelphia home has taken another bizarre turn.

The baby's body turned up in a shed there on Monday.

The baby's official identity or manner of death have not been established as police await DNA tests. But police in two states have an idea of who the child is - 18 month old Javon Thompson.

And they believe his mother is tied to a religious cult in East Baltimore.

The missing child's grandmother, Seeta Newton says her daughter did not know what she was getting into.

She says her daughter Ria fell in with a mind control cult known as "One Mind Ministries" two years ago. The cult, reportedly shuns health care.

Javon was reported missing at that time. Newton's daughter has not been in touch with the family.

Philadelphia and Baltimore police believe the body found in the suitcase is that of Javon's The Newton family says they made extensive efforts to get custody of the child and talk Ria back home.

But Seeta Newton says the cult leader, known as "Queen Antoinette" had these words for Ria's brother Ricky.

"She even told him that he wasn't her (Ria's) brother. The cult leader's children were her brothers and sisters," Newton said.

Newton believes the cult murdered Javon.

And a former cult member has allegedly told police and the Newton family that Javon was beaten and starved to death before his body was brought to Philadelphia.

Ricky Newton says he remembers seeing cult members give drugs, such as marijuana, to children including his now missing nephew Javon.

"They had to pray while they smoked weed," he said. "They give the weed to the baby & blow the smoke into his mouth and pray and do all sorts of weird stuff." The Newtons are all but certain the baby inside that suitcase was Javon. They are angry and demanding justice.

"I'm hoping it's not his remains. I'm hoping that these people pay. I want them to feel the pain that my baby felt. " No charges have been filed yet. The whereabouts of the cult leaders and Ria, are unclear.

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