Judge Sentences Cult Members For Child's Death

May 19, 2010

A manipulator of lost souls. That's how the judge described the leader of a cult that starved a baby to death.

Mike Hellgren has more on the tragic case.

The judge also said members of the cult didn't care about human life and were shocked they let a little boy die.

The sentence was far less than prosecutors wanted. The cult leader was sentenced to 50 years in prison for starving baby Javon Thompson to death for not saying "Amen" at meals.

"I think she was obsessed with power and control. Who else is going to announce to the world that God has appointed her queen and if you don't follow her orders, you're subject to eternal damnation? It doesn't get more power-mad than that," said prosecutor Julie Drake.

Antoinette's daughter, Trevia Williams, and fellow cult member Marcus Cobbs, were given 25-year sentences for second-degree murder and child abuse with all but 15 years on one count suspended.

The victim's grandmother believes that punishment wasn't severe enough.

"Javon never had a second chance. Never, for one second, was he offered a second chance and they shouldn't have a second chance," said Seeta Newton, Javon's grandmother.

Prosecutors believe Queen Antoinette lured the young into her home. That's what happened to Javon's mother, Ria Ramkissoon.

As Javon grew weaker and weaker, Queen Antoinette said that God would resurrect him.

They showed no remorse in court, where they represented themselves.

"If you kill a baby and can still say I did nothing wrong, what is wrong?" Newton said.

The murdered child's mother is currently in a treatment program. Her jail sentence was suspended as part of a plea deal.

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