Police want 3 held in child's disappearance

Baltimore Sun/May 20, 2008

Baltimore police want three people who they believe are "persons of interest" in the disappearance of a baby to be held without bail, said Sterling Clifford, a city police spokesman.

Members of Baltimore's warrant apprehension task force arrested the three in New York this month on an unrelated open warrant for failing to appear in Baltimore District Court in 2007. Meanwhile, police are continuing to seek identification of remains found in Philadelphia that relatives believe are those of the infant boy.

"We want no bail on this group of people because they are persons of interest in the disappearance of a child," Clifford said. "We have a woman here who said that her grandchild is missing. We have remains of a child in Philadelphia. It is possible that the two are connected, but we are still waiting for identification in those remains in Philadelphia."

Two of the three, Queen Antoinette, 39, and Trevia Williams, 20, were to have had a bail review hearing yesterday, but it was postponed until today.

The third person, Marcus Cobbs, 21, has not yet been extradited from New York, said Margaret T. Burns, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore state's attorney's office.

All are connected in court papers to a religious group called 1 Mind Ministries that operated for a time out of an East Baltimore house. Family members of the missing boy fear that the human remains found in Philadelphia belong to 18-month-old Javon Thomson. They have not seen him since his mother, Ria Reshma-Ramkissoon, joined the religious group in April 2006.

The three were arrested on open warrants stemming from an October 2006 confrontation with police. At that time city officers were trying to settle a custody dispute over a different toddler - a 6-month-old girl.

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