Gary Olsen and his Master Path "flourishing" in New Mexico

July 2001
By a former member of the Master Path

I notice there is not too much new information about the Master Path and Sri Gary Olsen posted at your site, which reflects his most recent activities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I do know that he and his group are flourishing there. I am a former member of the Master Path and know how large this group has now become. It is now probably close to a thousand members at present.

Gary Olsen's techniques are subtle, but so very convincing. I have always considered myself to be intelligent and aware and open-minded. And Gary and his wife Joy are very convincing. That is, they were until they started saying things like, the only love that is true is the love for Garji (i.e. Sri Gary), that all paths lead to the Master Path and that Gary Olsen is the only true and living Master. That's when the bells started going off.

I was in the Master Path for just over a year and went through its first initiation. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I was on the list to receive Gary Olsen's tapes on a monthly basis, bought his books and videos. I was one of those followers that had a picture of Sri Gary hanging in my bedroom and a photo of both him and Joy on my desk at work. I have to admit, I felt at peace with myself and the world. However, what I didn't see was that I was starting to exclude all those around me from my life, which included my family and old friends.

I wanted to work for the Master Path and gain greater esteem from Sri Gary. I also wanted a relationship with a fellow devotee and to have it sanctioned by Sri Gary. However, again I was told that the only relationship that I should be concerned about was my relationship with "Garji." If a relationship other than that one should happen, it would be seen as a gift and thus be sanctioned by him. But I should clear my mind of such thoughts and return my thoughts to Garji.

We were taught to chant the "HU" or "Garji."

Gary Olsen's seminars were inspiring and uplifting and about showing everyone how to gain higher and higher spiritual attainment. In those seminars it's easy to see how everyone can be duped. He is charismatic and charming, with a "little boy" sense of humor. He seems to be very spiritual. Yet, the secrecy and the fact that it is taught that the Master Path is the only way to enlightenment and that Gary Olsen clearly states that he is the only true living master, makes it all very much a cult [(sic)] in my mind.

I have been away for almost a year now and things have become even more clear to me. I feel that I came away just in the nick of time and am now a little wiser. I'm glad I didn't invest more of my time or money into this scam [(sic)].

Please continue to warn everyone about this group. It may not be as destructive as some of those others within your archive, but it is nevertheless harmful [(sic)].

Copyright © 2001 Rick Ross.

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