Master Path Visitor Comments

"I was in Master Path for 4 years. What a waste of time. Gary tells his followers not to read anything but his writings and to only listen to his tapes. He tells his followers not to even read the newspaper, becuase it will hurt their pure connection to the master, which is him. He insists that everyone call him master and says that the only way to God is through him. What a joke. Gary charges $45.00 per month for tapes and reading material, which is mostly plagiarized. He tells people that they will go insane if they leave and uses the bible to prove he is Christ. It was awful to be in that group."

"Thank you for putting accurate information about the Master Path on your web site. I have friends in Albuquerque that are into this Master Path. It is really weird to see this strange man's picture in their homes, as if he is there to worship."

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