Cassandra Garnas Reports

School employee posts bond on child porn charges

5NewsOnline/March 29, 2004

Fayetteville -- A former employee of the Fayetteville School District posted $5,000 bond over the weekend after being arrested Friday night on child pornography charges.

Daniel Keller, 51, turned himself in to Fayetteville police on Friday evening. Keller was a computer system engineer with the school district, but had tendered his resignation earlier in the day.

The pornography charges stem from allegations that Keller solicited sexual favors from a minor over the Internet. Police say Keller believed he was in contact with a minor through a Guardian Group Web site.

What Keller didn't know was that the person he was communicating with was not a child, but instead was a decoy established by a computer pornography watchdog group called

The group creates imaginary online profiles to lure child preditors into a trap, making them believe they are communicating with an actual minor with the intent of solicitng sexual favors, which is against the law.

Tonight at 10, we'll have more on the story, plus what is being done by and other groups to make cyberspace safer for children.

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