Bank teller's phone number mistakenly posted on predator website

Associated Press/September 29, 2004

Milwaukee -- It's a website created to expose suspected Internet predators. But the site could be targeting innocent people, as a Milwaukee bank teller found out.

Molly Brady got a threatening call from a man who said her phone number was posted on the website as a sexual predator. So, Brady typed her phone number into an Internet search engine and found it was linked to a site called "perverted justice."

The site is run by a citizens group whose goal is to lure predators by posing as children, then posting their phone numbers and pictures, in some cases.

The FBI in Milwaukee says it's familiar with the citizen websites, which can do more harm than good, since some of the predators could be violent individuals.

Molly has since changed her number. But she has a message for people who run websites like perverted justice. It's great you want to help -- but be sure of the information you're posting.

The website sponsors did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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