Christian Group: Permit Interferes With Will of God

Los Angeles Times, October 21, 1997
By John Canalis

The Piecemakers Christian group, under investigation by the city for failing to acquire a permit for a play, issued a statement Monday reaffirming their position that they are above municipal laws that interfere with their interpretation of God's will.

A group member vowed to plead innocent at her Oct. 30 arraignment in Municipal Court in Newport Beach on a misdemeanor charge of failing to secure a special-event permit for a September play in the communal group's parking lot. Anne Marie Sorrensen, 68, a group leader, faces six months in jail or probation and a $1,000 fine.

Still, the group contends that it can use its properties, the Piecemakers Country Store on Adams Avenue and communal housing in Mesa Verde, as it wishes and without city permission.

"We, the people of America, are indeed above the laws we make," the statement said. "Is not a creator above that which he creates? Are not the laws made for man?"

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