Piecemakers Visitor Comments


"In 1994 my wife and I were contacted by Piecemakers, they ordered some furniture and paid us a 50% deposit. It amounted to a couple of thousand dollars. I started work on their pieces, but had not completed them when I traveled from Utah to do a weekend of furniture making classes for them. Before coming down I confirmed my class sizes and that a deposit had been collected from each student, which is our requirement. When I got there I requested my class fee. I was told that they had decided to cancel their furniture order and that the deposit was being taken out of the fee for this class. I reminded them about the terms of our agreement, but they refused to listen. They told me that sometimes God needs to teach us a lesson that is hard to bear. In other words, I would be paid about $150.00 for bringing my family to California for the week, harvesting all the willow for the class and providing the materials. I was also expected to absorb the loss of the nearly completed furniture. I honored my commitment to the students who had paid these women good money to take the class. They never knew that we were ripped off. We stayed in our car that weekend as there was no money for a hotel. I pawned my chop saw in order to buy gas to get back home. We left and never looked back. These people may claim to be Christian, but anyone that gets involved with them better watch out."


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