Seth Jeffs development of Pike Lake Road property comes to a halt

WTIP North Shore Community Radio, Minnesota/January 11, 2020

By Joe Friedrichs

A key figure in a group associated with polygamy and child brides needs to renew a number of permits if he hopes to continue developing his property along Pike Lake Road in Cook County.

Seth Jeffs, a known polygamist, convicted felon and member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, purchased 40 acres of property in August 2018 along Pike Lake Road.

In December 2018, the county approved a land-use permit for the property. The permit allowed for a driveway that is 900 ft. in length and an approximately 6,000 sq. ft. building to be put on the property, according to the Cook County Land Services Department. A separate permit allowing for a septic system to be installed on the property was also approved by the county in 2018.

Both of these permits have now expired, Tim Nelson, the land services director for Cook County shared in an email sent to WTIP.

As both permits have expired, Jeffs would have to reapply for new permits prior to commencing any further construction on the property, according to Nelson.

As of Jan. 9, Jeffs has not resubmitted for any new permits, nor has he discussed the issue of filing for new permits with anyone in the land services department, according to Nelson.

Jeffs was issued a cease and desist order by the county in May. The terms of the cease and desist did not mean Jeffs was unable to work the land, it only meant he had to meet certain requirments before further development could take place. Those requirements mostly dealt with wetlands compliance regarding his plans to develop the large building on his property.  

As of today, Jeffs can no longer develop his property near Pike Lake Road unless he seeks out new permits from the county.

There has been an abundance of concern expressed by local residents regarding the arrival of Jeffs and the FLDS church to Cook County, including a town-hall forum where two Utah residents who are familiar with the history of the FLDS church and Jeffs as an individual came to share information.

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