Jeremy Kingston Sentenced for Incest

KSL TV/January 26, 2004

Another member of the Kingston polygamy clan will spend time in jail for incest.

Jeremy Kingston was sentenced to a year in jail this morning for marrying his 15 year old cousin who was also his aunt

Jill Atwood joins us now with more.

LuAnn Kingston seemed relieved it's finally over...and she hopes this case scares the rest of the clan.

However, Jeremy Kingston didn't have a word to say after the sentencing this morning..he has a week to report to jail.

He was arrested last summer at a Pioneer day celebration after his wife Luann left the marriage with her two children and went to police.

Kingston then plead guilty to incest last October...that plea agreement resulted in today's somewhat leanient Kingston will still be able to care for his 17 children.

Luann says she was forced into the marriage when she was just a so many others in the Kingston Clan, and she had finally had enough.

(Luann Kingston:) "This has been happening for generations. My mom is married to her uncle and she married him as a minor and they continue to do this...They are marrying minors to adults and they're now marrying minors to needs to stop."

Luann says her life has changed dramatically..she has little contact with her family now and she says that's good for her two children.

She is now remarried to someone of her choice and is very happy with her new found freedom and lifestyle.

She is hoping other women in the clan can overcome the brainwashing and come forward.

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