Former Kingston's Wife Speaks Out Against Polygamy

KSL-TV/January 26, 2004

"They are not above the law...God is not protecting them for this."

A former Kingston wife lashes out against the polygamist lifestyle that she says stole her youth.

LuAnn Kingston says she was forced to marry her 24 year old cousin, who was also her nephew, when she was just 15.

Jeremy Kingston later pleaded guilty to incest, and Jill Atwood now tells us his punishment.

Kingston was sentenced to a year in jail and three years probation.

The attorney general's office hopes this case is sending a strong message to the Kingston clan.

Flanked by his family, a stone faced Jeremy Kingston enters the courtroom today hoping to avoid jail time.

"I know that it scares them -- I know that it is sending shivers down their spine."

But a short time later those hopes are dashed, and Kingston didn't want to talk about it...His former wife LuAnn, is relieved it's over, but still troubled the polygamist cycle continues...

Luann Kingston:"This has been happening for generations -- my mom is married to her uncle and she married him as a minor and they continue to do this...They are marrying minors to adults and they're now marrying minors to minors..."

Kingston claims young women are being brainwashed and don't dare question something that could cost them their family.

Molly Samuels/Asst. Attorney General:"He had choices Luann Kingston did not have choices in this...Although they were trying to say it was her idea in fact when you are 15 years old what type of choices can you really make and if you look at the context of the culture she really didn't have a choice."

But today Luann does have choices, and has left that culture behind.

She is raising her two children with a new husband, and hoping other plural wives will have the courage to walk away.

LuAnn Kingston was Jeremy's fourth wife. We're told he has at least 17 children.

He will report to jail in one week.

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